30 November 2023

Agro in Action

Days gone by we could enjoy entertaining day at the New Holland Campus in Peñarubias del Pirón (Segovia). A few days ago, Conrado (presenter of the programme) called us to ask us if we could collaborate with the CyL TV programme called "Agro en Acción", as they were thinking of making a chapter about agro influencers.... For those who do not know “Agro en Acción”, it is a TV programme 100% focused on agricultural machinery. We were delighted to confirm our collaboration and told him that we would participate in whatever he needed. So, the recording we made yesterday, which will be broadcasted on 22 December.

There we met Conrado, the presenter, and Fernando, the cameraman, with whom we have already met at some trade fairs and we have even made a trip together to the Steyr factory (St. Valentin - Austria), so we knew each other before. Essentially, they are very great followers and we also watch all the “Agro en Acción” programmes. So we think the admiration for the work done is mutual.

On the other hand, we took the opportunity to return to the New Holland Campus. A beautiful rural house in the heart of Segovia where the Italian brand organizes many training events, demonstrations, marketing and sales courses, etc. It is always a pleasure to visit that Campus.

All in all, it was a very interesting day that we hope will be reflected in the “Agro en Acción” programme. We will let you know when the chapter is published, and we will also indicate the link so that you can watch it on Internet for all our followers who are outside Castilla y León.

Versión en español.

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