15 March 2024

Automated spraying

Nowadays, there is a high demand for automated machines that streamline work processes These machines are designed to perform tasks more efficiently and therefore save costs. On the other hand, these machines are more expensive than manual ones (due to the presence of extensive electrical and electronic components), but in the long run the savings are considerable. Of course, the more frequently the machine is used, the sooner the return on investment is achieved... if the machine is heavily used, the amortisation is faster.

The optimal choice is to have an ISOBUS machine, but this also requires having a tractor equipped for it. This can be done either by installing ISOBUS on the tractor directly or using the ISOBUS kit compatible with the GPS equipment already present on the tractor. Alternatively, converting an older machine to ISOBUS is possible but this is also usually an expensive action.

Another interesting option (and much cheaper than converting to isobus) is the spraying module offered by the manufacturer Hexagon to automate machines (sprayers, seed drills, spreaders, etc.). This module converts a manual machine into a fully automated machine, allowing us to make variable doses according to the speed, automatic control of sections according to overlaps, doses according to a pre-registration map or yield, etc... everything we can think of on Agriculture 4.0. Definitely a good option for users who have Hexagon equipment on their tractor.

The main features of the spraying module are:

  • Compatible with any old and current machine.
  • Control of up to 16 sections.
  • Easy installation and even reversible if you ever want to return to the original state of the machine.
  • Compatible with all Hexagon displays: Ti5, Ti7 and Ti10.
  • Easy to set up and use from the Hexagon screen.
  • Also allows the machine to be controlled manually.

What are your thoughts on ISOBUS technology? Do you have any machines that use this technology? Please let us know; we look forward to reading your comments.

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