02 August 2011

Sulfuring vineyard time

On the last Friday, we went to visit our cousin Kike López in his job. He was sprinkling sulfur to vineyard. We don't have vineyards, so we aren't experts about that and we can't talk about tasks farmers have to do. I guess you would like to watch the video and see a few pictures we took.

He was working with a Kubota ME 8200 Narrow and Teyme DTE-703 Liftmounted Duster. Also we were able to work and I have to say the Kubota works very fine with its well-known feature which is its engine with low diesel consumption.

The vineyard looks good and it is very well kept, so he hopes to have a good crop. I think he will be harvesting grapes in six weeks' time. If we have free time to visit him again, we will publish a few pictures about grape harvest.

You can watch a video from here: Video

You can see our pictures from Picasa.

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