10 April 2012

More fertilizer: It’s time for garlic

At this time of year, after the coldest of the winter days have passed, the weather becomes warm and the daylight hours are extended, garlic plants need to continue growing, for this reason we have to fertilize and water them. From now, they mainly need water and heat.

In this case we used Medifer Blue Saturno fertilizer, which has the following composition: NPK: 21-10-10. As you can see in our pictures, this time the fertilizer was in small bags, so we had to do a strong work to provide our two Amazone Spreader with the fertilizer. These centrifugal broadcaster spreaders are the best to fertilize garlic because the fertilizer needs been spread perfectly and regular on our field.

The selected dose was 210kg/ha. It’s  quite posible, we will have to fertilize again, but if it is necessary the garlic will warn us after a few days after being watered.

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  1. Anonymous10/5/12 16:00

    Hello again from UK, dear twin friends!

    I am concerned this time about the colour of fertilizar. There is a law in the EU regarding blue pills only allowed form matrix, not for garlic plantations. Are you aware of this restriction that also applies in ejpain?