30 April 2012

Sowing sunflowers returns!

We finished to sow sunflowers last weekend. We are publishing a few pictures about that for showing you the work done.

As we commented in last post about sowing sunflowers we used Almanzor seeds, you can see it from here. This seed has given very good results since we began to use it in 2008.  This time we hope to achieve our expectations. I would like to highlight our mechanical sower worked very fine and we could do our work quickly and easily. We used two markers at the center of the tractor what do our tasks more confortable and we can get straight rows easily.

We show a few pictures about harrowing, so before sowing we have to prepare our soil for that. After ploughing our fields with discs plough in January, and harrowing with cultichissel again few days ago, we have to harrow them again in perpendicular way to the direction we used to sow before. Soil is perfect for sunflowers since they can grow quickly. It is important they grow quickly to avoid having several problems with strong rains what can move seeds or what prevent the emergence of the stem to harden the ground. 

You can see a video from here.

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