13 November 2012

After rain, mushrooms

This autumn is being very rainy. It has been raining during the last 15 days (about 90 mm) and they are really some good news in our area.  In this situation, it is impossible we can work in the fields, so we can spend time to find oyster mushrooms, which are absolutely delicious.

We were looking for mushrooms on Saturday morning, during a couple of hours, and we could find about 1.5 kg. As you can see in our pictures, this task is not easy because it requires a good concentration and a better view... at the end, the day was great. It is important to mention it is recommended to use a wicker basket for mushrooms' spores were spread on the field. Also, we met our friend Jesús who we could share some a few comments and smiles with.

Mushrooms can be cooked in different ways, but this time we ate them in a "Manchego Gachas". This cooked dish is typical in "La Mancha" in cold months and it tastes wonderful. For our foreign followers, we encourage you to visit La Mancha, again, to eat  Manchego Gachas... we are sure you will like it. It is a heavy food, so we recommend sleeping a siesta after eating.

As you can see in the pictures, the Manchego Gachas are made with grass peas flour, paprika, garlic, salt, water and oil. Firstly, this oil was used to fry torreznos (they are fried rasher of bacon), potatoes and mushrooms. At the end, we have a fantastic dish (it is generally eaten directly out of the pan it was cooked), which will be eaten with a good Spanish red wine, in this case, with a 5 Almudes wine from Bodegas San Ginés of Casas de Benítez village.



  1. I can see that you take care you well before the hard work of planting garlic and vine pruning work.
    I am a fan of La Mancha cuisine of purple garlic Pedroñeras

  2. Thanks for your comment!!

    Purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras are the best!!

    If you visit La Mancha, you are invited to eat "Gachas Manchegas"