06 November 2012

Agrotron, Cleris, Cerea and 8-24-8 Fertilizer

During these days we are fertilizing the fields where we are going to sow barley in a few days. Fortunately, this autumn is being more rainy than average, so there is a great atmosphere between farmers in our area... despite fertilizer prices are excessively high. A lot of farmers are using organic fertilizers instead of mineral fertilizers. We continue using mineral fertilizers (at this time, we use Medifer 8-24-8 fertilizer at 250kg/he) but we should pay attention to comments from farmers who have used organic fertilizers because the difference in price is notable.

As you can see in our pictures, the centrifugal broadcaster used by us is a Cleris-07 AD 6,000... which is a good spreader. The Agrotron M600 works very fine and it allows us to spread about 9,000kg of fertilizer in a day without hurry. The working width used with this fertilizer is about 16m, so Cerea manual guidance system works perfectly and it makes our task easy. Also, we have to highlight that Agrotron M600 only spent a quarter of its tank of diesel, working at 1,500 r.p.m. of engine, 520 r.p.m. of P.T.O. and a working speed of 9.9 km/h... the Deutz engine again shows it has a lower level of consumption.

After that, and when we will be able to continue working because when we finished fertilizing it rained about 40mm. Then, we have to bury fertilizer with a fast work of chisel plough and we have to begin to sow cereals and pulse vegetables in November.


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