19 February 2013

Amazone & Urea... a healthy mix for cereals

A few days ago, we started to fertilize cereals. On other occasions, we have performed it in several times (in February and March), but this year we decided to do it at once in February... we hope it will be enough. Fortunately, this year has been rainy and with this fertilizer, the spring will come terrific. After that, we are going to have to spray. Nevertheless, we are going to talk in some future posts about that.

The fertilizer used was Marte-45, of Medifer company. We used it in the past years and the results were positive, however it is expensive.

Its chemical composition (40-0-0-12,5 SO3) is:
  • NET NITROGEN (N): 40%
    • Ammoniacal Nitrogen (NH4): 5%
    • Urea Nitrogen: 35%
  • Sulfur (SO3): 12.5%
    • Water-soluble: 12.5%

Physical features:
  • Color: red
  • Granules: 95% between 1-4 mm
  • Moisture: <0.3%
  • Impurities (Dust): 0.9 kg/tn
  • Water PH: 5-5.6
  • Density: 0.85 kg/l

The dose was of 220 kg/ha... we think it will be a sufficient amount and we hope to have a good crop if rain continues as before.

According to the spreader used, the Amazone ZA-X Perfect 902, simply we would like to say it works as a Swiss watch. It spreads fertilizer uniformly and we can control the desired dose easily if we see the user guide. We configured it at 11.5 and our tractor worked at 1,700 r.p.m. (C2 gear and 530 r.p.m. of P.T.O.) and speed was at 10km/h.

As on other occasions, we used Cerea manual guidance system. We got sensations really pleasant using it again. It is a very important help and when you get used to use one of them, that is really comfortable. Then, if you don't have it, you miss it a lot.



  1. Anonymous20/2/13 10:22

    Buenos días Twins-Farm

    El post de esta semana lo encuentro muy entretenido ya que por un lado nos muestra esta "urea roja" un producto cuyas carácterísticas técnicas son interesantes pero también explica el objetivo de su uso y la manera de emplearlo.

    Muchas gracias.
    "Alguien de la mancha"

    Good morning Twins-Farm,

    I found this post very attractive since it explains this really new product Marte-45 whose technical features are interesting. And besides, this article explains its aim and the best way to use it.

    Thank you very much.
    Somebody from "La Mancha" (Spain)

    1. Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

      Thanks for your comment!!

  2. Anonymous26/2/13 12:20

    Buenos dias, me gusta vuestro equipo,¿que ancho de trabajo lleva la abonadora? para los bordes cerrais un lado como en las de un solo plato, yo tengo una vicon pendular y el problema son los bordes sobre todo cuando abono con abonos muy localizados,donde cada grano cuenta y un pequeño error puede dar al traste la cosecha, por eso creo que vuestro equipo aunque sea mas caro se amortiza rapido sobre todo en cultivos exigentes.

    Saludos desde Las Pedroñeras (cuenca)

    La Mancha land of good wines, garlics, lambs, manchego cheese, etc.

    1. Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

      El ancho de trabajo que llevabamos configurado en el sistema de guiado GPS era de 14 metros. Para los bordes, se puede cerrar un plato o hacerlo a "ojímetro"... más vale que sobre un poco de abono en la linde que no que falte.


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