06 February 2013

Fight: John Deere 5720 & Fitosa Centauro against weeds

After sowing garlic and before they start to grow, we have to spray the soil in order to avoid growing weeds galore. After this spraying, we need to wet soil with a little quantity of water with the aim of improving the herbicide results.

That day began badly because once we had started to work it began to rain and then soil was completely muddy. We have to say our John Deere 5720 worked very fine with those climatic conditions (also it has the sprayer of 1,200 litres) and it used narrow tires. At the end, we could finish our task without problems.

Things that seem easy could turn complicated.


  1. hi,

    how many garlic do you have in hectares this year?

    1. Hi Marijan.

      Thank for your comment!!

      I only have 8ha.

      Best regards.

  2. Buena labor si señor.
    Ya para los tratamientos ni GPS ni espuma, jeje. Yo buscando unas fotillos del Cerea, pero al final nada, jeje
    Un saludo.

    1. Hola Kiko.

      Al ir metido en los surcos de los ajos no necesitamos GPS ni espuma. Tenemos que ir por los mismos surcos que hemos ido sembrando, para así no pisar los ajos.

      Respecto a algunas fotos del Cerea, en próximas entradas las entrás.

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario.


  3. Anonymous7/2/13 10:17

    Good morning,

    This task seems to be really amusing and fast, isn't it?
    I would like to know how much area could you spray on average per day?

    Thank you in advance for your attention and your dedication to the blog.


    Buenos días,

    Esta tarea parece ser realmente entretenida, ¿me equivoco?
    Me gustaría saber qué área, de media, se puede pulverizar en un día.

    Gracias por vuestra atención y por vuestra dedicación al blog.


    1. Hi MCC

      It is really a fast task and funny task.

      According to the average per day, it depends on of type of crop, dose,...

      Best regards.