25 February 2016

FIMA 2016. Bellota Agrisolutions

This time, we are speaking about one stand where their people are friendlier. For us, it is a great pleasure to can visit the Bellota Agrisolutions stand... We always learn something new.

Bellota Agrisolutions is a Company that, since decades, has invested lots of means in apply the best techniques and R&D (Research and Deployment) in the manufacture of discs​, tines​,​… they explained us that many farmer visitors tell them their grandfathers already used Bellota tools in their time… For them, this is one of the most important reasons and the best incentive to continue investing and working in the same way.

Their great novelties for this farm fair was:
  • Vortex Disc: which have been designed to work at great speeds (about 15k​m/h) in vertical jobs.
  • Duratop product range​. We spoke about it in the last summer.
  • Long live discs: inPHInium (with a perfect balance between hardness and toughness).
  • LUR Discs: which have been devised to carry out tillage aggressively and energetically to shred and mix even the most resistant waste with disc harrows in both dry and wet soils.
  • Super-Sharp Discs: a​n​ original concave dics with 20 waves and a special super sharp edge, in order to get the maximum cut and introduction into the ground.
  • AKER Disc Blade with eighteen tangential waves: The new AKER disc is a specially-designed disc for ploughing the soil and preparing the seed bed, with excellent stubble cutting capability in all soil type. Their eighteen tangential waves produce and excellent cutting capability with minimum vertical force.
Thank you very much Arantxa, Eduardo, Julio, Bakarne,... it was a great amusement to spend some time with you.

Versión en español.


FIMA 2016. Bellota Agrisolutions
FIMA 2016. Bellota Agrisolutions
FIMA 2016. Bellota Agrisolutions
FIMA 2016. Bellota Agrisolutions
FIMA 2016. Bellota Agrisolutions

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