14 March 2016

Manure for vineyard every three years

​After our posts about FIMA, we continue with our editorial to show you more farming works... at this time a task in the vineyard. We have published many post about viticulture (you have to remember that this crop generates a great variety of works during the whole year) besides, we have also published tasks with manure and slurry. Now, we are going to speak about nutrition task using manure.

Our great friend Oscar (from El Provencio​ Village​) sent us a few pictures about his manure tasks in his vineyards. He spreads manure every 3 years (he uses mineral fertilizer in the other years). The dose used is 13,000kg/he.

As you can see in our pictures and video, the muck spreader that was used put manure in the middle of each row and it is buried at 35cm (it can upload about 2,700kg). The main goal is to fix the manure at an important depth in order to avoid having any problems when he is going to harrow vineyard using the cultichissel. Another advantage of this system is the muck spreader doesn't damage roots of vinestocks... other farmers choose to bury manure in two rows near vinestocks. We think the first option is better.

This job should be carried out in December (before pruning), but this year this task was been finished​ ​only some days ago because autumn was really dry and this task was delayed.

Versión en español.



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