30 July 2019

Alpego: implements created with consciously

On the first days of July, Alpego invited us to go on a working day that this company organized in Lonigo (Vicenza - Italy) where its factory headquarters are located. They were a few days where we could see all their implements working in the field and also we had the opportunity to visit their two factories. There, we could see firsthand how they manufacture each of their models of implements that are sold practically around the world (in Spain are marketed by the AG Group company).

If one word defines Alpego implements, it is "robustness". Without any doubt, the quality of the machines they manufacture is reflected in every detail, in the raw materials they use (such as high-quality Swedish SSAB steel) and in the passion they put into talking about the Alpego brand. The Pegoraro family, in their third generation (Filippo, Nicola, and Luca) are in charge of the Alpego Company, which was founded in 1988 by Giovanni and Luciano Pegoraro. Many ancestors were already manufacturing implements under the Pegoraro brand which was sold before Alpego was founded.

Alpego is an Italian brand that is very specialized in soil preparation implements. This specialization has been acquired with the many years of history they have. Their key product is the rotary harrow, but they also have milling machines, cultivators, subsoilers, seeders, crushers, and multifunctional hoppers. Here you have the list of the different implements they manufacture:
Regarding Alpego production centres, they own two centres: one in Gambellara and the other in Almisano. In Gambellara, they own a plant where they have two fully automated laser cutting machines and two high-precision welding robots to make all the chassis. Once they have been created, all the parts go to the factory in Almisano where the assembly, painting, test, and distribution is done. From there, they are sent to their 36 distributors around the world.

If we talk about Alpego figures, we have to point out that they currently have 148 employees, with an average age of 40 (more than 40% have completed university studies). Besides, the volume of production is growing, with an estimated sale of 3,200 implements for 2019, of which 1,650 are rotary harrows (51.6% of the total). All this can be manufactured thanks to the 3,500 tons of steel they consume annually.

In relation to the Press Camp Alpego event, these were very funny days where we could see many machines working in the field, as you can see in our videos and photos and also meet other YouTubers, Influencers, Bloggers and specialized press of the agricultural sector from 7 different countries. The most outstanding were: AgroTécnica, Profesional AGRO, Abolsamia, Tractores y Máquinas, Agricola Lorew, Vidéos Passion Agri, Agri Vidéo HD, Agricase 86, Stuart Dubois, AgrarBlick, Fire & Farm, Agroinform, Agri-91, landtechnikvideos, AgriTech HD, Profi, and so on.  This was undoubtedly a fantastic idea and we congratulate Alpego on the initiative.

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