15 July 2019

John Deere 5090 GF... a robust winegrower

As we did with the John Deere 5100 R, the John Deere dealer in our area (Tajada Barrio, S.L.) has left us in custody another tractor to test it. This time the request came from us because we wanted to try the John Deere 5090 GF and compare it with the John Deere 5100 R, in its narrow version, inside the vineyard. As always, the challenge was met without problems and we could have several days the tractor at our disposal to carry out the tests we considered appropriate.

As soon as you see the tractor, the feeling it conveys is robustness. When you are into the cab you can get a large amplitude that is undoubtedly a great advantage in these specialist tractors which usually have narrow cabs. When you spend many hours working with a large cabin, the task is always much more comfortable. The raised hood gives a feeling of strength to the tractor that can be checked in the field. As usual, the raised hood takes away vision from the driving seat, so they will have to compromise on that in future versions. The smoothness of the tractor is quite relevant, both in the vineyard and on the road or when manoeuvring in the warehouse.

Another point that we found a little strange was the system of raising the rear elevator by a roulette wheel that drives a cable. When roulette wheel is filled with dust or dirt it does not work as smooth as the farmer would like; this problem does not exist in the version with electronic elevator. In spite of this, the tractor is fantastic!! In our village there is a John Deere 5090 GF and the owner is very happy. We have also been able to verify this by talking to a farmer from a neighbouring village (Sisante) in Demoagro 2019, who also confirmed to us that the tractor works fine.

The main features of the John Deere 5090 GF are bellow:
  • FPT engine with 3,400 cm3 and 4 cylinders. (Stage  IIIB only Diesel)
  • Maximum power: 110 CV
  • Maximum torque: 366 Nm at 1,500 r.p.m (torque rise of 31%).
  • Fuel tank capacity of 73 litres.
  • PowrReverser gearbox of 24x12.
  • Maximum speed of 40 km/h
  • PTO speed: 540 and 540E.
  • Pump flow rate of 126 l/min (open centre)
  • Wheelbase:   2.148 mm
  • Steering radius: 3.38 m
  • Ground clearance (min-max):  243-330 mm
  • Rear overall width (min-max):  1,303-1,951 mm
  • Total weight:  3,035 kg
  • Maximum permissible weight:  4,400kg 

If we consider this tractor without its implement, its use would be limited to very few tasks,  to make our field tests we use a vineyard cultivator from the manufacturer FerroPro,S.L. This company is located in El Provencio (Cuenca) and they are really specialized in vineyard tools, making a custom-made according to the needs of each client. They are also distributors of General Agrícola implements. The implement used is a cultivator with 10 arms (40x30mm) and two hydraulic tines that work between the vines... an ideal implement for the vineyard!!

Versión en español.

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