15 April 2021

Virtual farm fairs

These days, it is very common to see traditional agricultural fairs being postponed or even canceled due to this damn pandemic. As it is impossible to be present at events where there are supposed to be a large number of visitors, manufacturers have turned the premiers into digital trade fairs as the only option to show their machines to reach farmers... because it is clear that farmers like to see and touch before buying. Therefore, in one format or another, it is essential to show the product so that it can be sold later. 

One of these examples is the fair that CNH is holding these days under the name Youniverse. It is very well done and allows you to see the entire catalogue of machinery, tractors and implements of the brands New Holland, CaseIH and Steyr. For example, we also frequently attend press conferences where new tractor models are presented. If a little over a year ago it was a face-to-face event where the excitement of the launch of new tractors was experienced (after many hours of work), nowadays it is normal to watch it from home sitting in front of the computer. 

Another example of virtual fairs is offered by the French company Agriconfor. They have managed to develop a 360° Scan where you can see the whole machine as if you were stand in front of it... The technology used has caught our attention and we liked it very much, so we would like to share it with you in the following examples: 

Versión en español.

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