30 April 2021

Rainfall in 2020

As usual, we show you annual rainfall data for our area. These data are very located (La Alberca de Záncara - Cuenca), but we think that the precipitation pattern could be applicable to the central area of Spain (the northern and southern zones have considerably more rainfall throughout the year).   

As a preview, we can consider 2020 as a very good year in terms of rainfall. It started raining in March and practically did not stop until the end of the year. In total it was 602 mm (only the year 2010 exceeds it), as it can be seen in the history of the last 21 years. The average rainfall in recent years rises to 470 mm. November was a very rainy month (140 mm) and we were able to sow with perfect soil conditions. April and May produced a very good cereal crop, although in some cases rust damaged some fields due to the humidity caused by so much rain... the farmer has to be alert and if possible treat with fungicides.

If we focus on rainfall by season, we can see that on this occasion the rainiest season has been spring (normally it is usually autumn or winter). As we mentioned before, the spring was quite rainy and there was a very good harvest (plots of Planet barley up to 7,000 kg/ha... you can see it in this video).

The spring of 2021 is being also very rainy (67 mm only in April), so another good harvest is expected... it is still too early to talk because there are still many nights before the combine harvester starts working.

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