12 May 2021

Satellite imagery: another tool to be considered

In 2017 we performed a study of the vegetative state for one of our fields using a drone that photographed the crop. Then, after a further images processing, we were able to obtain an image of the vigour of the crop in the field. At the time, it was the best option in terms of cost. Technology continues to advance and now we are going one step further, which is the use of satellite imagery together with the appropriate Internet platform to provide us that picture of the vigour of the crop in much shorter times and over the life of the crop... the price is 4€/he.

A few months ago we discovered the Satagro platform which offers farmers monitoring of crop growth (especially cereals) using satellite images. We registered and started using it which has been found  very useful since the information is extensive and the use is very simple... it is really a powerful tool to be taken into account to improve crop monitoring.

Once you have registered, the fields that you want to follow through satellite images, Satagro will inform you when new images are being taken (we have a calendar) so that you can see the vegetative growth of your crops. It is very interesting to be able to monitor the whole life of the crop. In addition, more information is available such as temperature, rainfall, wind, etc... That features make this tool a very powerful tool to have a right complete view of the state of the crop in the whole field. Another interesting aspect is the possibility to import data from other external sources so we can make graphs with different information and even have a  photo history from other years to help us define the yield model of our fields... we cann't forget that, in the end, the goal is to have tools that allow us to produce more quantity and better quality with less cost.

Therefore, the final result is to have a map of the field that allows us to carry out more localised fertiliser or phytosanitary treatments according to the needs of the crops. This tool allows us to achieve this!!

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