13 July 2021

Harvesting days (I). Forage with Fendt

June is the month when harvesting tasks begins in our country, Spain, so we want to publish some posts with the aim of showing you some tasks and machinery that are working in the Spanish countryside at this time of the year and that are very interesting to know... we start with fodder. 

A few weeks ago, we went to Larrodrigo, which is a small village in the province of Salamanca, where our good friend Augusto lives, and he showed us the machines that Fendt has for forage harvesting tasks... we spent a very interesting day where we could see the high quality machines that are on the market. 

In particular, we were able to see the Slicer front and rear mower... it was impressive to see its working speed (around 17km/h) considering that the mower worked without any problems, even though there was plenty of material to mow. Then, we did some swathing work with the Former hay rake. This range of hay rakes can operate from one rotor to four rotors... it will be interesting to see the four-rotor with a working width of 14 metres. Finally, we were able to bale and silage with the Rotana 130 F Combi... a fixed chamber round balers that was hitched to a Fendt 314 Profi+, which we certainly didn't like as much as the Fendt 718 Profi+ on which the Slicer mower was mounted. You have more technical details in our videos.

It was a very interesting day that allowed us to get to know machines in the field that we only knew through catalogues and, in the best of cases, at the dealers. You already know that we are available for working days like these that allow us to learn about new machinery and technology. 

Versión en español.



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