25 July 2021

Harvesting days (II). Cereals and pulse vegetables

We continue with the harvesting works and on this occasion, we focus on winter cereals and pulse vegetables, two types of crops that are the most widely used in our area. 

This year's harvest has been one of the best we can remember. The winter and spring rains have been perfect, so we have had very high yields in almost all the fields. Last year was also very rainy but then again it was such a good yields. Therefore, we can say that the average cereal yield was around 5,000 kg/he and the average pulse vegetables yield (in our case Elton lentils) was around 1,700 kg/ha. Moreover, the price is also quite good and we have already fixed it with the values you can see in this table

As for barley, which is perhaps the most important crop for us, in our area and especially in our village the Hispanic variety has always been sown as the main variety. Since a few years ago, other varieties such as Planet, Nure, Sfera, Lavanda, Traveler, Kalea... a multitude of varieties have taken over and are giving much higher yields than Hispanic. In fields with a healthy crop, where the Hispanic can yield 4,000 kg/he, these new varieties can reach 5,500 kg/he without any problems. For the next sowing time, we have decided to leave the Hispanic variety and sow Nure and Sfera, which have given us very good yields this year. 

As a final point, we had the opportunity to visit our friend Paco, who was harvesting triticale as you can see in the video and pictures with his John Deere T550 combine harvester. A Yellow triticale was yielding very well (around 6,000 kg/he) so the combine was working at full capacity... we hope you like the video and pictures. We really liked the combine harvester.

Versión en español.

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