31 August 2021

Harvesting days (IV). Cereal delivery

These days we are finishing with our summer tasks and especially with the harvesting tasks to which we have dedicated the last four posts, so now we are focusing on delivering the grain to the companies that will market it. In our village, the most common task is the direct unloading at the threshing floor of the companies that buy cereals and pulse vegetables. It is true that there are some farmers who store the harvest in their sheds, but direct delivery from the field is very normal... we do it. Then, when the farmer wants, the grain can be charged according to the cereal market, which in our case is the Albacete market

As you can see in our photos and video, we have visited the threshing floor of the Antonio Caballero, S.L. company. It is one of the most important companies in our area and, moreover, in our village it is the biggest buyer of cereal... as you can see, the pile of barley is considerable large, despite the fact that the day we were there was in the middle of the harvesting season. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jose Antonio (head of the company Antonio Caballero, S.L. in our area) who made our visit much easier. 

One of the objectives of this job was to be able to work with the Kramer KT407 telehandler... It was quite fast and fun to load several lorries of barley with the machine. We are dealing with a telehandler that from a distance looks like a very high quality machine, but when you get close to it, you realise that you are looking at a premium product and you could even say that it is quite exclusive.  

During the hours we spent working with the Kramer KT407 we also saw some details to be improved, so we could indicate that: 

  • The feel of the steering wheel is a bit hard... perhaps a softer steering would be advisable. 
  • The loss of visibility on the right side when you raise its arm is noticeable (you don't see the mirrors)... perhaps cameras could be incorporated to avoid these dead zones of visibility. 
  • When you are working with three functions at the same time (e.g. lowering arm, picking up arm and opening bucket), the movements are quite slow...  we imagine that this can be solved with the different configurations offered by the machine's hydraulics, but it is something that caught our attention. 
  • Controlling the arm at maximum reach is complicated. 

In conclusion, we would like to point out that this Kramer telehandler is a very high quality machine whose slogan of the German manufacturer could be: "Kramer: the details make the difference". We really enjoyed working with it and the machine’s behaviour. With a tool like this you cannot get tired of loading trucks... congratulations to Kramer because they have a "Super" product. 

Versión en español.

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