11 August 2021

Harvesting days (III). Purple garlic

We continue with the summer labours, which as you know or at least suppose, is harvesting. After cereals and pulses vegetables harvesting (see previous posts), the next harvesting task is related to the purple garlic, the most important crop in our area. We have already talked many times about the "Las Pedroñeras" purple garlic which is still the engine of the economy in this area, and a crop that we have cultivated for many years and that we like it very much. 

This time, we visited our friend Paco to see how he was working with his new JJBroch garlic harvester binder machine. Its most important feature is that it works with three furrows at the same time when the nominal situation is to see machines with two or even one furrow. As a result of working three furrows at the same time, the machine can work more hectares per day and the tractor does not step so much ground and therefore does not break as much garlic that remains on the ground after working in neighboring furrows. 

As you can see in our video, the working speed is high (around 10 km/h) so all three knotters are working at full capacity.  The machine is controlled by one person, as the three bodies run in parallel. Ideally, a 6-furrow planter machine should be used for this purpose to avoid problems with the possible variations in the distance between the furrows. After this work, the bunches are placed on the ground so that the garlic dries well... they will be ready for delivery to Coopaman.

Versión en español.

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