16 December 2021

Cereal sowing days. XL seed drill

After the soil preparation task explained in the last few posts, we change the task and start with the cereal sowing. Our friend Fernando Martín (Medina de Rioseco - Valladolid) sent us a few pictures of his two new machines: John Deere 6250R and Gil Airsem XL seed drill... We consider that our friend has done a very good choice!! 

We have noticed that, especially in Castilla y León area, the tendency is to use larger and larger machines. In contrast, this is not the case in our area, where three-metre seed drills and small tractors are still used for cereal tasks equivalent to those carried out there... It is true that for us cereal is not the most important crop (as you know, it is our purple garlic) and therefore there is not the same level of investment in cereal as in areas where there are only extensive crops such as cereal.  

In this case we have focused on the seed drill, but we can extend it to any other implement, such as the roller, sprayer, spreader, etc. In our area, 4-metre rollers, 12-metre sprayers and simple spreaders, even single-plate spreaders, are normal machines that are practically disappearing in central-northern Spain. 

As Fernando tells us, we can highlight about the new Gil Airsem XL seed drill is the following: 

  • The 6,000-litre hopper provides a high degree of autonomy: This is a great advantage for Fernando because sowing tasks always have to be done in the shortest possible time.  
  • Combination seed drill: It can apply fertiliser and seed at the same time or only seed.  
  • ISOBUS machine: It is connected to the tractor monitor and the seed drill control is integrated with the tractor's auto guidance system. It makes the control of variable doses (distributor with electric motor), etc. very simple.  
  • Working width of 7 metres: which allows you to sow a large number of hectares in a day and to be able to fold to a width of 3 metres for transport. 
  • Besides, itt can be configured for conventional sowing and direct sowing using coulters. 

In conclusion,What is your opinion about making large investments in different agricultural machines? Do you make any investment and amortisation analysis before making a purchase of this type? 

Versión en español.

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