31 December 2021

Super farmers with BASF

In this last post of 2021, we would like to share with you a very nice experience that we lived at the beginning of summer, where we were able to record the second and third chapters of the series that BASF planned for this year... it was a unique experience

In the second chapter we met Alberto (and his father Félix), a farmer from La Victória (Córdoba) with whom we were able to talk about cereals and especially about wheat and the treatments that they do with the fungicide Priaxor.... we could share a lot of very interesting things.

Shortly afterwards, we travelled to Torres de Montes (Huesca) to meet Carlos, a young super farmer who explained many things about direct sowing. They had fantastic wheat!!

Here, you can find all the five chapters that were recorded to allow you to watch them. They are really very interesting and they are made with a lot of love, so the result is extraordinary.

We would like to wish you a happy 2022. We wish you good harvests for this coming year and fair prices for agriculture... regards to all of you and see you in 2022.

Versión en español.


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