28 January 2022

Freedom in pruning work thanks to the “Cordless electric scissors”

The fact of choose to use  one or other scissors on a pruning day is a decisive factor. The tools available on the market for this type of work are improving very fast and if a few years ago the leap from manual to electric scissors was an achievement, nowadays, the use of cordless scissors (battery included in the scissors) is a further step the professional pruner undoubtedly appreciates, because the freedom of movement achieved is significant.

We had the opportunity to work with the Agritec Flora PC32 scissors, of the Italian manufacturer “Agritec” which is distributed by our friends at Agrinativo. The main performances that we could highlight of these scissors are below:

  • No power cable.
  • Progressive cutting.
  • Cutting capacity up to 32mm.
  • Aperture adjustment in two positions for 32mm and 20mm.
  • Ergonomic handle and weight around 1kg with good weight distribution.
  • 3 lithium batteries with an autonomy of 3 hours. Charging time 90 minutes.
  • 350W motor (brushless motor).
  • High quality steel blade and counter-blade.
  • Simple and quick lubrication system.
  • Very quiet

In order to work with these scissors, we visited our friend Santiago, who was pruning a airen young vineyard about 9 years old (perhaps for older vines where the shoots have a high diameter, the recommended model is the Flora PC40). Our sensations after a morning's experience were very positive, highlighting the speed of cutting, the light weight of the scissors, the speed of closing and above all the great freedom that comes from not having a power cable. Finally, it is a breakthrough in pruning tools. They will leave behind corded scissors and especially hand scissors because their price is around €400.

Versión en español.

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