14 February 2022

The Traxion concept

A few months ago we decided to change the tyres on our tractor. The front wheels were ready to be replaced after almost 5,000 working hours. Our choice was easy: Vredestein Traxion 65 tyres. A part from that, we wanted to change to wider tyres in order to have less soil compaction and we also had to replace the rear tyres, which were half used. Obviously, it also implied to update the rims. “Pinchazos Vargas” did it without any problems as for them it is their everyday job. So, we move from 480/70R24 and 520/70R38 to 540/65R24 and 600/65R38. Without water in the tyres (previously there was water in the front tyres), the tractor weighs about 500 kg less and we have improved traction. The most recommended pressures for these tyres are 1.3 bar for the front and 1.5 bar for the rear.

The first feelings we had when replaced the tyres were covered by silence and comfort. Silence because the noise on the road has decreased significantly and comfort because the tractor is much smoother at high speeds. They are undoubtedly features that the Vredestein tyre guarantees. Vredestein offers a high quality tyre that usually has higher load and speed coefficients than other tyres for the same size. 

We would like to tell you a little bit about the Traxion concept, which it is also explained in our video, so the main features that differentiate it would be:

  • Special tread lug design with traction zone on the sides (transverse lugs) and comfort zone in the centre (longitudinal lugs). 
  • Maximum service life because the contact area with the ground is extra large in the centre.
  • Excellent self-cleaning properties due to the very large lateral lug spacing. This also results in maximum traction.
  • Larger footprints because the tread width is usually very wide.

Finally, in the 600 hours of work, in mixed transport and field tasks done with these tyres, the sensations have been very positive, the wear suffered is minimal and the ride is much more comfortable... we will continue to comment as we do more working hours with the tyres.

Versión en español.

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