15 March 2022

Rainfall in 2021

As usual, once a year, we show you annual rainfall data for our area. These data are very located (La Alberca de Záncara - Cuenca), but we think that the precipitation pattern could be applicable to the central area of Spain (the northern and southern zones have considerably more rainfall throughout the year).  

As a preview, the year 2021 can be considered an extraordinarily good year in terms of rainfall, as it rained a lot and very well... unfortunately, we suffered from the Filomena storm, which was lethal for the olive groves in our area. In terms of rainfall, it started raining in January and it didn't stop until the beginning of the summer and then it started raining again in September until the end of the year. With a total of 490 mm, it is above the average of the last 21 years (468 mm). October was the wettest month (74 mm) and we were able to sow in perfect weather. During the months of April and May a very good cereal harvest was generated, one of the best in living memory, with historic yields.

If we focus on rainfall by season, we see that spring is once again the rainiest time of the year and, as the saying goes, "April and May make the harvest", the harvest was really good for cereals and pulse vegetables.

The year 2022 has started rather timidly in terms of rainfall, with January and February being very dry. We have been fortunate that March has started with a lot of rain (43mm in March and 71mm in 2022) and so far the crops have remained spectacular...  it is still too early to talk because there are still many nights before the combine harvester starts working.

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