28 April 2022

Furrowing purple garlic

We come back to one of our favourite crops, although we haven’t grown them since 2014. Purple garlic is the most important crop in our area and as it has a very interesting profitability and therefore the quality of the product has to be maximum. On this occasion we visited our friend Julián de la Fuente, a good farmer who has an important garlic farm... and if you watch the video, you will find a first class machinery.

We were interested to see Julián at work, as he was using the John Deere auto guidance with RTK signal and the J. Quílez furrower, which is a local implement manufacturer... As well as the 6110R which is always an eye-catching tractor. Working with the auto guidance in the middle of garlic rows at 45cm is always very fascinating to watch. On the other hand, seeing the J. Quiléz furrower is also interesting because it is designed with three vibrocultivators per furrow and above all because the chassis has a system that can be moved as you work through the use of a hydraulic system in order to correct possible errors, especially on slopes where the tractor, due to its narrow wheels, can suffer from slipping.

Therefore, the work of furrowing is extremely quick, easy and comfortable... we remember when we were children that some farmers used to do it, for example, with Astoa tractors... we have evolved a lot. 

The aim of this work is to eliminate weeds mechanically (some phytosanitary treatments with selective herbicides can also be carried out) and to prepare the ground so that all the garlic heads are well covered. Afterwards, drip irrigation will be installed and the field will not need to be moved until the garlic is harvested.

Versión en español.

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