30 July 2022

Harvesting II. Barley

This harvesting season, our friend Victor (from Valdecuenca - Teruel) used for the first time his new combine New Holland CX5.80. With the new combine harvester, he has started the harvesting campaign in our area and then finished it in his village (he is currently finishing the cereal campaign). He harvested some barley fields and we were lucky to see the machine working. In addition, it has equipped the combine with a Tort folding cutterbar, which is undoubtedly an advantage when harvesting in areas with small fields where you have to go on the road. 

The New Holland CX5 series consists of two models, the CX5.80 and the CX5.90. The main difference between them is the engine power (258HP and 313HP) although both machines have 5 straw walkers and similar hopper capacity (8,300 litres). Cutting widths range from 5.18 to 7.32 metres. Victor's combine harvester has a cutting width of 6.30 metres. Above this series, New Holland has the CX6-CX7-CX8 series, the CH series and the CR series for rotor machines. The machine worked really fine with good performance. In addition, it has a built-in performance map (we are waiting for ours) and a humidity sensor... additionally to the autoguidance. Features for modern agriculture that are basic for farmers. 

Regarding the barley yields, heat in the month of May took almost half of the crop. Even so, we have had an average of 4,200 kg/he which has been very good. Wheat and pulse vegetables yields have been much lower and even catastrophic in some fields. Overall, a bad year. Now we have to decide when to sell the grain in order to get the best price. When will you sell it?

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