11 August 2022

Harvesting III. Wheat

A few weeks ago we visited Yunquera de Henares (Guadalajara) to see the new harvester Fendt IDEAL 8PL at full performance... te first time you see the combine harvester, it's impressive. A very nice combine harvester with which we could harvest all afternoon with a very positive feeling. In addition, the wheat was quite good and the yield was very interesting. 

The combine is full of technological innovations, which are listed below. The first interesting “HarvestPlus system” consist of adapting automatically the working speed according to the amount of grain loss detected by the sensors in the rotors and sieves. All combine parameters can be adjusted automatically thanks to to almost 40 machine sensors thoughout the harvesting “IDEALHarvest system”. Some of the other outstanding features of the Fendt IDEAL Series combine harvesters are below: 

  • DualHelix system: dual rotors are used for material processing.  
  • IDEALBalance system. The core of the system is the double grain pan. 
  • Grain tank capacity up to 17,100 litres. 
  • Unload rate up to 210 l/s. 
  • Agco Sisu Power and MAN 6-cylinder engines from 450hp to 790hp. 
  • Speed up to 40km/h. 
  • Models: IDEAL 7, IDEAL 8, IDEAL 9 and IDEAL 10 ("T" for TrakRide models, "PL" for ParaLevel self-levelling models and no letter for standard models with wheels). 
  • Working widths: 7.7m, 9.20m, 10.50m and 12.20m.  
  • New cab with operator environment as on tractors: Fendt Variotronic pack, window area of 5.75 m², a 180° panoramic view and low noise level of just 73 db. 

There is no doubt that all these features make the combine harvester stand out, but whenever we go to trade fairs or see a combine harvester in operation, we focus on the size of the sieve area. We believe that this is a fundamental fact to be able to see the performance of the combine harvesters and our surprise has been that, having very large sieves area, it is not the combine harvester with the most sieves area on the market... it is likely to be limited due to the compact dimensions of the combine harvester. Some examples of total cleaning area are: 

  • John Deere X9: 11.20m² 
  • Claas Lexion 8000: 10.49m² 
  • New Holland CR 8.90-10.90: 9.42m² 
  • Ideal 9-10: 9.30m² 
  • Claas Lexion 7000: 8.74m² 
  • New Holland CR 7.90-8.80: 7.90m² 
  • Ideal 7-8: 8.80m² 
  • John Deere S: 6.66m² 

Despite the size of the sieve area, the combine has other features that can fill this gap, such as the robustness, the reliability that inspires, the design and the quality of the materials. 

What is the most important characteristic for you? 

Versión en español.

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