16 January 2023

Factory (IV). Broch

Another of our factory visits during the last year 2022 was to Arganda del Rey (Madrid) to the Broch facilities, dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for garlic, potatoes and monographs... specialized in machinery for garlic. This was a very enriching visit where we could see the whole process of design, development and manufacture of the machines, based on close contact with the farmer to respond to all needs. Here is also an introduction to what Broch means for garlic cultivation. 

Broch is a company founded in 1954 with Salvador Broch at the head. Today, the 4th generation has joined the company with Estela Broch. At the same time, garlic cultivation some 30 years ago posed significant challenges in terms of mechanization for planting, harvesting and further processing, harvesting and subsequent processing. Broch was responsible for providing solutions that today allow the farmer to have an almost fully mechanised crop and above all a profitable crop. 

The factory, it is mainly divided into two plants, on the one hand, the machining and production plant and on the other hand the assembly and dispatch plant. The company also has auxiliary warehouses to store spares and prefabricated machine parts that help reduce assembly times. As Jose Antonio Lostal (Marketing and Sales Manager) points out, the company is constantly in the campaign as they export to more than 60 countries and therefore there is always work in the fields and post-harvest in the garlic warehouses.  

We invite you to watch the video where you will understand the whole process in detail and you will also be able to see the work they are working on in the future. 

Broch's range of products includes the following: 

  • Garlic Crop Machinery 
    • Splitters 
    • Planters 
    • Harvesters 
    • Cleanners 
    • Graders 
    • Brushers 
    • Peelers 
  • Potato Machines 
    • Cup feed planters 
    • Potato diggers 
  • Precision mechanical seed drills 
    • Mechanical seed drills of precision, ease of use and low maintenance. 

Finally, it was very interesting for us to see the process of design, development and manufacture of garlic machines. Machines that we used in the cultivation of garlic for years, these gadgets have been with us practically all our lives and which have undoubtedly reduced our efforts and helped us to control production costs. Thank you very much for your attention during the visit and for explaining the whole process in detail and without any restriction. 

Versión en español.

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