31 January 2023

Rainfall in 2022

As usual, once a year, we analyse the annual rainfall data for our area and prepare this report to show the results to all of you. These data are very located (La Alberca de Záncara - Cuenca), but we think that the precipitation pattern could be applicable to the central area of Spain (the northern and southern zones have considerably more rainfall throughout the year).      

As a preview, the year 2022 could be considered a serious year in terms of precipitation. It is true that the total amount (400 mm) is quite good but below the average of the last 20 years (465 mm) so the worst thing is that we could say that it has rained a lot but it has rained poorly. Unsuitable rainfall because we had a very complicated nascence due to the very dry months of January and February and finally the month of May was very dry (only 9 mm) and also with high temperatures that generated a bad harvest of wheat, triticales and pulse vegetables (barley was more advanced and we did have a good harvest). Of the 400 mm of the year 2022, it should also be noted that most of it was in December (106 mm), so that the harvest of last year has not been able to take advantage of it. On the other hand, we have had a fairly good sowing and a good nascence that we will see how it is reflected in the harvest of 2023. 

If we focus on rainfall by season, we can see that on this occasion autumn has been the rainiest (186 mm) and spring has lost the first place it has held for years, however these rains are significant to have a good harvest. 

The year 2023 has started rather timidly in terms of rainfall (22 mm) but it has helped to have a good nascence. For now, the weather forecasts are not predicting any rain, so we will have to observe how our crops evolve... we will keep you posted.

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