29 September 2023

GST Biostar: Mechanical weed control and fertilisation improvements

Last summer we were contacted by Jacob Gubi (one of the owners of the company GST Denmark). He wanted us to publish a post about his company and the implements they manufacture so that Spanish farmers could get to know them. So here is a short presentation of GST Denmark sent to us by Jacob: 

“It all started back in 2013, on our own farm. We had the challenge that on our organic farming we could not drive in small crops with the harrow, it destroyed too much and it took too long. The idea started with the fact that there were other manufacturers on the market who made a crust loosener, and the idea for our Biostar comes from this concept. We wanted a machine with high capacity - easy to operate - very little yield loss - no tracks/support wheels - Durable for stones - easy to control in different soil types. So a friend and I made a machine (Biostar) for our farm in the winter of 2013-14. We changed a lot in the first season but got our wishes fulfilled. Then some farmers came the following year and wanted to buy this particular machine because they had seen its impressive work and seen our quality. 

In 2019 we founded GST Denmark as we could now produce our GST Biostar full-time and sell it to order, at the same time we got a large amount of Biostar patented. The team behind GST Denmark today consists of approx. 12 people and only focus on the Biostar machine, all of whom are passionate about delivering quality and having satisfied customers. We have now expanded production several times with a production capacity of more than 250 pieces annually, in all sizes from 3 to 14 meters. For season 2023, we have delivered more than 90 machines and expect more than 125 for this season. We sell in most of the world, from organic to conventional farms and basically all kinds of crops.” 

Regarding the GST Biostar machine, these would be its main features:   

  • It can be used since the plant is at a height of about 3 cm up to about 20 cm, and with a yield loss of less than 2%. 
  • The capacity is large when we drive between 15-25 km/h and with the largest of 14 m working width, we can probably manage more than 20 ha/hour. 
  • The purpose of GST Biostar is mechanical weed control - soil crust solution - improved fertilization all this in one work step. 
  • As an extra, we have built Biostar with Sowing machine (patented) which can easily sow crops that are especially used for winter green fields and sub-sowing for cereal crops, as well as other sowing tasks. 

Now that you are familiar with GST Denmark, we would like to encourage all tool importer companies to contact Jacob Gubi so that Spanish farmers can buy these fantastic implements.

Versión en español.

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