20 September 2023

Harvesting almond trees

Earlier this month we met our friends from the company Sisante Agrícola to see them harvesting almond trees. So, we went to in San Clemente (Cuenca), where they were working with one of their two Fendt they have working on the almond harvest with the Solano-Horizonte umbrella. 

Sisante Agrícola is a company located in Sisante (Cuenca), which is mainly engaged in the sale of fertilizers and phytosanitary products. In recent years, they have also provided agricultural work to other farmers in direct seeding with the Fendt 716 and Fendt 313, crop protection work with the Unimog and harvesting work on almonds, pistachio and olive groves with the two Solano-Horizonte umbrellas. 

We spent a morning in the field with our friend Shawn (from California, USA) along with the tractor driver of the Pyti in San Clemente. We all had a great time watching how the Fendt 716 and the Solano-Horizonte umbrella worked in a Guara almond plantation with a very narrow planting frame (6x5,5 meters). The truth is that we were very surprised by the great mobility of the tractor among so many almond trees, and the smoothness it had even when working at a constant engine speed (1,500 rpm). Without any doubt, Pyti's great experience makes the tractor work very well. According to Pyti, they can harvest around 100 almond trees per hour, so they are not standing still.

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