09 June 2011

Continuing with garlic works: "Cutting roots and stems"

As we talked in the last post, when garlics are dry, we have to cut their roots and stems. This work is absolutely manual, so you only need a pair of special scissors and a few boxes where you put garlics. We have contracted some Romanian workers to help us with this work. They work very fine in hard conditions. That time, the weather was warm, so they worked without a suffocating heat.

There are differences between cutting Chinese garlic and purple Spanish garlic. On one hand, these are we have to cut roots and stem of purple Spanish garlic when they are absolutely dry and we must select between good garlic and bad garlic. On the other hand, Chenese garlics don't need being dry to cut their roods and stem, besides the good and bad garlics are put together. When garlics are cut, they are thrown in wood boxes of 400kg which are taken into shed where they are sorted, cleaned and ready to sell. The company which buy our garlics are in charge of doing these tasks.

Our frontloaders can work without problems using three boxes despite of their weight, about 1,400kg. Besides, our frontloaders have suspension which allows us to go across rows very fast.

You can watch a video from here: Video

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    This post is really good, however I prefer "Purple Stripe Garlic".