30 June 2011

Harrowing sunflowers

When we are amid cereals harvesting and before beginning with purple garlic harvesting, we have to harrow our sunflowers previously the summer rain arrives. They need to be harrowed because the soil must be loosed and the rows have to be well-defined. These rows are going to be in charge of keeping wather of the little summer rain.

As you can see in our pictures, we use minicultivators because we don't need a longer working deep. However, we need a high precision. So, we use three minicultivators in each row: the two lateral minicultivators remove weeds which can be beside sunflowers and the third and central minicultivator is which works to create a new row; therefore, this minicultivator has a bigger tool.

You can watch a video from here: Video

You can see our pictures from Picasa too.

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