02 June 2011

Harvesting Chinese garlic

We have started with summer garlic works and the first job we have done is harvesting Chinese garlic. This year we have an excellent crop of Chinese garlic and we hope to get a great quality and a lot of kilogramos. These garlics don't have the same quality as purple Spanish garlics, so the price is lower, but the cares are easier and they have different periods of working, for example, they are sowed in September and they are harvested on the first days in June.

During the last year, we have shared crop with our colleagues Aquilino Tolosa and Jesús del Olmo, so all tasks have been done very quickly, specially the harvesting to avoid its most important obstacle which is the raining. As you can see in our pictures, we have used three Erme Garlic Harverster & Binder with one and two rows. We are going to talk about these machinery in the next posts.

Now, we must leave Chinese garlics to become dry and we will start to cut their roots and stems in a few days.

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