23 July 2012

Bread wheat. Other harvesting day

We finished harvesting our wheat and triticale a few days ago. It is always after harvesting barley. This season was not great for wheat or triticale, because May and June were very dry and wheat and triticale need to be watered before its dry for harvesting. In spite of this, we had an average of bread wheat about 3,000kg/ha and an average of triticale about 2,500kg/ha.

We show you a few pictures of Claas Lexion 540 (you can see me too :), of course) and a video I took with my cell phone.


  1. Great pictures. Given the price of wheat, this should be a very profitable harvest!

  2. Hi farmland investment.

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    The price is 250€/ton but it can change every Thursday. It is a really good price in Spain but we only had 2500kg/ha that is a poor harvest :(