31 July 2012

Another garlic job: cutting small bulbs

At this time, we have to cut small bulbs which are produced by garlic. Nowadays, their are not usesful because picking up them to be sold isn't worth. Few years ago, we sold them but nowadays they don't have good sale. You can find them in supermarket easily. They are frozen, cut pieces of 3cm and mixed with other vegetables like asparagus. They have a strong taste and they are used to cook omelettes in Spain, for example.

These stems are cut before haversting garlic (when they are sold we have to cut and harvest them manually and they are stored in bags of 20kg). In this case, we have to cut them again after garlic harvesting, because these bulbs continue growing as they are fed from garlic, so this can affect to size of garlic negatively because they reduce the garlic thickness.

As you can see in our pictures, we use two type of mower: a central mower and lateral mower. The central mower is more confortable to use it before garlic harvesting (specially if we have a fix system water in our field). When garlic are located in scores after harvesting, we use a lateral mower which allow us to cut these stems without problems (we have to work in two sides of scores).

You can see a video in our YouTube channel.

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