10 July 2012

Summer and harvesting purple garlic

We are in harvesting purple and white garlic season. During these days, farmers work against time to harvest garlic in optimal conditions. For that, there are few types of harvesters: harvester binder (one or two rows) and harvester cutter (one, two or five rows). We use harvester binder of one o two rows because we think they can adapt better to awful conditions of soil and garlic.

The garlic harvester binder ,as you can see in our pictures and video, works with a row only. This machinery is made for Erme or JJ Broch...These two brands have bigger performance than the other machinery. The working speed is high (about 8km/h) and if you don't have a lot of problems with automatic bundle binding system you can harvest about 2ha with one row harvester binder. We prefer to use two row harvester binder because you can save diesel and time with the same work.

This garlic campaign is going to achieve a high quality, but I think the size of garlic is a bit smaller than years before. May was warm and it is good for garlic, though it had a few cold days and this condition stopped the garlic growth. Despite these problems, I think we will have really great results with our purple garlic.

I would like to comment we traditionally used to sow garlic in the best fields, but in lasts years we have gotten very good results sowing in worse fiels than before because of the large yield. I guess it is thanks to fertilizer we use nowadays and the effect of the climate change.

You can see a video from our YouTube channel.

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