14 August 2012

Filling the jar with Campeón pump

The last task we had to do for using the jar was the pipe installation to fill it. We used a basket with our frontloader which helped us to perform it easily. Of course, thank our good friend Julián who is a handyman too. The taps are fixed with a metal support so they cannot move when they are being used, in this way, we avoid its break . After the whole installation, we filled it with water from a well... Then, we have available 18,000 litres to water our green garden this summer.

We used a Campeón MF-100 pump of 8,000 litres/hour to fill it. I would like to say it worked very fine and the consumption was minimum (about 3€). The tank was filled four times from a near well and the pump could move up water faster and easier.

When we finished the job we completed the next assessment: we filled a tank of 1,000 litres which took us 6 minutes. So, we have an extraordinary caudal of about 10,000 litres/hour. We will be able to fill our sprayer of 1,200 litres in 7.5 minutes.

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