06 August 2012

Starting a new campaing of cereals and legumes harrowing stubble

Last week, we started to harrow our stubble. This task is done in summer to prepare fields where we are going to sow cereals or legumes in next campaign (we are going to plough in December with our plough discs other fields where we are going to sow sunflowers). Despite the fact that it hasn't rained and the weather forecast says it won't rain in next days, weeds have begun to rise, so we have to harrow fields now. Next time to perform the horrowing task it will be about October after the first autumn rains.

We use our old La Forjadora chissel of 30x70cm of 13 rows for this task. Our Gil cultichissel, of 19 rows, doesn't work very fine with these soil conditions because the soil is extremely strong. Besides, La Forjadora chissel has double spring and it is really ready to do this job...it is working very fine. The working depth is not very big (about 15cm), the reason is that we don't want to generate a lot of lumps. I think a good idea could be having a rear roller in our chissel. We are using new cultivators because chissel can work in strong soils. Our Agrotron M600 works perfectly at 7km/h and 1,500r.p.m.. It has a magnificent cab which has a good air conditioning so our job is very confortable even with high temperature in summer. The dust is a big problem in summer for these tasks in Spain, then we have to clear our filters everyday if we want our tractor can work like a Swiss watch.

As you can see in our video and pictures, we don't work with the same direction used for sowing cereal. With this system we achieve a better harrowing and we can spread better our straw residues. 

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