28 August 2012

Garlic delivery

Last week we went to the company store to delivered our garlics. This task is executed in three times, so each partner has to wait his turn. The "San Julián" cooperative of our Village (it is included in Coopaman) is working during August to get all garlic from its  members (about 5 million kilograms). Its staff work with two shifts of 8 hours to get its goal. This job is hard because there is a big amount of dust when garlic are moved and classified.

Farmers only have to upload their trailers with palots to deliver them in the store. There, these palots are unloaded with Linde forklift and they are tumbled over hoppers of classify machine. After garlic are classified, workers put a traceability label which will not be lost until they are going to be sold. This label has a barcode with information about partner, origin field, delivery date and time, type and size garlic,... A worker checks over quality of garlic too.

Finally, garlic are put in cold rooms (which have a temperature of -3 degrees Celsius) until they have to be ready for commercialization. This task is normally done by women: they clean, peel and store garlic in different cardboard, wood or plastic box or bags of different size.

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