11 December 2012

Compactation: Winter task with Spring results

One more task with clear aim: the seeds will grow sooner and quicker. Just after sowing and before the seeds begin to germinate, we are compacting the soil. This is possible because soil is not very wet. Unless it is possible, we will have to use our flat roller in March when the plants are nearly 5 cm tall and in this case the aim of this task will be different: it will be to put stones under soil to avoid problems with the combine.

We used a flat roller for this time which was empty (some farmers usually fill it with water) so it was not very heavy... we think it is not appropriate to compact soil too much. On other occasions, we used a disc roller, as you can see in this old post. We think for this season disc roller is better but we could not use it.

About the job: it is a fast and easy job. We configured our Agrotron M600 at 1,400 r.p.m. and at 11.2 km/h working speed (we used 3S gear).

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