25 December 2012

Grégoire G10.380. The biggest olive harvester

On the last 23rd of November, our friend Helio Catalán could work with Grégoire. He was analyzing the job of a super machinery in Écija (Sevilla - Spain), the olive harvester G10.380 (which was launched in Fima 2012). The experience was extraordinary.

Grégoire was founded in 1972 and since that moment it was specialized in grapes havesters. The evolutions of its machineries have been focused on olive trees and the G10.380 achieves an important milestone for the evolution of mechanized olive harvesting.

The olive harvesting is the most expensive job, so G10.380 solves this problem. It highlights for its maximum productivity, minimal losses and easy and well-done job. The G10 main key is its harvesting head design and its automatic steering system. There are three innovative features in this kind of machinery: four wheel drive, mobile cabin and automatic alignment with the olive.

The G10.380 is a really bulky machine. Its weight is about 23,000kg and it is due to its frame and the harvesting head. That head is composed of 8 independent rotors which can adapt the shape of olives perfectly. The automatic alignment allows drivers to focus on other operating parameters, engine (it is a Deutz of 205HP), unloading arm (not hoppers),... the G10.380 aligns continuously without breaks thanks to a sensors system. This machinery has been created for intensive olive (6*4, 6*5, 7*4, 7*5… to tree density between 285 and 400 tree/ha).

We hope to see it soon in "La Mancha" and we hope Grégoire invites us to see it for next testing exhibitions.

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