04 December 2012

Lexion & Moresil: the perfect formula for corn

Last Friday, we visited our friend Juan José de la Fuente. He was harvesting corn in Chinchón (Madrid). This time, our sister accompanied us and she really enjoyed herself when she went up to the combine with him. That afternoon was very nice because we could talk with a few farmers of that area and they explained us all tasks they have done for the corn. This crop is not usual in our area, so we don't know these tasks properly.

The Claas Lexion 540 combine and Moresil MT 2090 cutterbar work very fine together in the corn and as Juan José told us he can harvest about 200,000 kg in a workday of 10 hours (the performance of this crop is about 15,000 kg/ha and the working speed is of 5.5 km/h). This cutterbar is of 6 rows (working width of 4.5 m) and it includes a stalk chopper per row which crush stems completely... they are like stalk chopper used in cutterbar for sunflowers which you can see in the following video. Also, it has a system of harvesting rollers, this system allows the combine only to get corncobs, so the combine doesn't have any problems to thresh them.



  1. Buen reportaje, si señor. Muy guapa la Lexion en maiz. Me gustaría ver en directo una máuina segando el maiz. Por mi zona practicamente no se siembra.
    Un saludo.

    1. Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

      Pues es muy interesante ver como el cabezal de maíz va haciendo su trabajo.

      El año que viene estás invitado a verlo.