20 June 2019

Starting up engines!! Harvesting days start

Harvesting campaign for cereals, pulse vegetables and forage has already started in our area as you can see in our video and pictures. Early expectations were quite worrying, because we have had a very dry year, but once the combine harvesters have started to work, the results are not all bad and we will be around the average (for example, about 3,000 kg/ha of barley).

It rained at the end of March (about 30mm) and that have undoubtedly saved the crop. After that, in Easter, it rained about 100mm that have been fantastic reserves until today because it hasn't rained since then. We hope that these waters will also be enough for pulse vegetables, but it is still too soon to know because we haven’t harvested anything pulse vegetables yet.

In the video you can see an old Claas Dominator 98 with a very special cutterbar. The combine harbester, using the cutterbar, becomes a forage mower. The cutterbar is divided and the "throat" of the combie harvester is empty, so that all the harvested product falls to the ground just after being mowed. In our area forage is not very common and much less have a mower on the farm, so this is an ideal alternative for farmers who make some forage.

Versión en español.

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