21 July 2011

Fercam 2011

We went to visit Fercam Farm Fair on the last Sunday. This Farm Fair is performed in a town called Manzanares near of mine and despite of it has been the 51st fair, we couldn't visit it before because habitually on these days we have a strong garlic work and we don't have any free time.

As it has been said, this is the 51st edition and it has had 177 exhibition sites in a fair of 100,000m2. I have to say the Fair Farm did not failed to live up to my expectations: in one hand, the fairground was very clean and very tidy. It has a lot of trees, big green areas,... .And on the other hand, there were a huge variety of machinery and they were models of each brand. I would like to highlight a big diversity of trailers, winery equipments and tractors. So I recommend visiting Fercam next year (this Farm Fair is annual). I am sure you will like it.

We went with the aim of finding a new sprayer and we could see and compare different models of many brands. In the end, we chose Fitosa Centauro Sprayer (I am going to tell about that in the next posts when it will be delivered)

As novelty, we could see new 7R and 8R series of John Deere, the new Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV 430 (it will be likely our future tractor), Hardi or Fitosa sprayer, the new models T7 and T8 of Hew Holland, the new 600 serie of Claas Lexion, winery equipments of Pellenc, Gregoire and Hew Holland, Puma and Maxxum series of Case IH and a big variety a lot of tools(ploughs, chissels, discs harrow,...)

You can watch a video with our pictures from here: Video

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  1. Interesting the farm fair.As your blog. Thank you for photos.

    Keep bloging!!!