18 July 2011

Sharpening scissors for garlic cutting

During the last 5 days, we have been cutting roots and stems of our purple garlic. We have employed 20 Bulgarian and 10 Romanian people because this work is absolutely manual (you only need a couple of scissors and small boxes).This campaign, I have to say these people has labored very fine and the work has been very quick.

We store garlic in plastic or wood boxes which are going to cooperative where they are going to be cleaned and packaged in smaller boxes (of 20kg or 5kg) and bags. This year, during the cutting garlic, we had used wood boxes because we do not have enough plastic boxes. However, we only had 6ha and we completed 98 plastic boxes and 25 wood boxes. The broken garlic are separated in other boxes on the field when we cut roots and stems. These garlic will be crushed and sold in storage jars.

You can see our pictures in Picasa

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