09 April 2013

Claas Dominator 98 SL Maxi changes its “look”

This time, we visited our friend Juan José in his garage, where he has his Claas combines stored. They perform an exhaustive overhaul during winter in his three combines and they fix new parts which are required to work in summer and autumn without problems. He has a lot of customers (over 150) and he can't waste half a day because of a breakdown, so these combines must be in optimal state when they begin the campaign.

In these days, they painted his old Claas Dominator 98 SL Maxi. As he told us, he bought it in 1988 and it has about 27,000 working hours. Its performance continues being unbeatable because some worn parts are always changed for other new parts, so the combine is absolutely active in campaign. He is going to begin to harvest alfalfa in Badajoz with it in next days. In summer, he usually harvests pulse vegetables with it but it assists other two combines with cereals too in our village and other near villages to finish, in autumn, with sunflowers harvesting.

After some days of sanding jobs and a few kilograms of paint, the combine is like a completely new one... this season it will work pretty!! We don't have combine, but undoubtedly, if we had to buy one, we would buy a Claas.


  1. Good to see the old Lady back to her former glory! Nice work. :o)


    1. Thanks for your comment!!

      Best regards.
      Twins' Farm.

    2. Anonymous10/4/13 15:37

      These results are really grateful from the point of view of the machine!!

      Thanks for your pictures and your explanation.



      Estos resultados son muy agradecidos para la máquina.

      Gracias por las fotos y la explicacion

  2. Buen trabajo, si señor. No me quiero imaginar la cantidad de horas que han metido primero para revisar, y luego para lijar y pintar...
    Un saludo.

    1. Muchas gracias por tu comentario.