02 April 2013

This winter, it has rained too much. John Deere rescued Quashqai

Fortunately, this year is being very rainy in our area and, in general, in Spain. We are not used to this weather, so they are good news and a really important fact for farmers. Rivers are overflowed and swamps are completely full (in last pictures you can see Montoro swamp and its dam is dropping water). March was the most rainy month since there are registered data in 1947.

In few places, the large rain have flooded fields and many crop won't be able to be harvested. In other cases, e.g., we can’t access to our fields in order to spraying, so weeds are harming our pulse vegetables. Nonetheless, this heavy rain is welcome because cereals will grow quickly when the sun shines in the next days.

Last weekend our friend Juan Vicente went out to visit his fields with his Nissan Qashqai but he couldn't come back without our help. He was trapped on a muddy pathway and we had to go there to rescue him with our John Deere... it was really funny for us. The Qashqai has 2WD transmission and with hard conditions it can’t behave like a SUV.


  1. Anonymous3/4/13 23:59

    If I were in troubles with my car,on the field, I would like to have some friends near, as you.

    These photographs are really beautiful. I prefer the last ones, the Montoro swamp.

    Thank you for show us these places.

    Si yo estuviera en problemas con mi coche en el campo me encantaría tener algunos amigos cerca, cómo vosotros.

    Estas cartas son realmente fantásticas. Me quedo con las últimas de la presa de Montoro.

    Muchas gracias por mostrarnos estas imágenes.


  2. Thank you for your comment!!

    Best regards.

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario.