30 April 2013

Sowing corn in Chinchón

Our follower and friend Miguel Ángel sent us some pictures about sowing corn on the geog of the Tajuña river (in Chinchón)... thank you very much. In our area nobody sows corn, so we don't have any knowledge about this crop... we'll try to speak a little about that explaining his comments. As he told us, he had to sow it again because wild boars had eaten it, so the fallow, which you can see in the pictures, isn't ideal for that. An important point is the birth of corn, so the weather must be appropriate if we don't want to have problems: it needs heat and moisture to grow in a week. If these conditions aren't satisfied here, corn will grow a month later and we may lost a lot of plants.

The seed drill used is a Monosem NG of four rows and the tractor employed is a John Deere 6200. This work is quick and the air seeder works without problems at 5.5 km/h. Corn is not very heavy so the turbine can aspire it easily. It is planted at a row spacing of 73 cm (it can be at 50, 70 or 80 cm in other areas), at 16 cm seed spacing and at 5 cm depth. He used about 80,000 and 90,000 seeds per hectare (if the corn is to silage, farmer can use to 120,000 units).

Regarding the seed used is of Pioneer brand and their varieties are the 1574 and 1758 (he used other varieties like w86, p66, d58 and y74 in other times). They are sold in bag of 50,000 seeds. He used 40kg/ha of microgranular fertilizer too which is fixed together with seed by the seed drill in the sowing process.

You can see a video from his YouTube channel.


  1. Anonymous6/5/13 00:39

    Hello Twins' Farm friends,

    This post is very interesting because of the crop, but much more catching because this post is the result of a collaboration between friends and followers.

    I find your tractors more attractive, yours seems to be bigger.

    We hope having this kind of post in the future.

    Thanks for your advice.


    Hola amigos Twins' Farm,

    Este post es muy interesante tanto por el cultivo como desde el punto de vista de la colaboración entre los seguidores y los blogueros.

    En mi opinion vuestros tractores son más imponentes que el de vuestro amigo Miguel Ángel.

    Esperamos seguir viendo post de este estilo en el futuro.

    Gracias por vuestros consejos.


    1. Thanks for your comment!!

      We are going to publish new posts in the future!!

      Best regards.
      Gracias por tu comentario.

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